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Community Spotlight - Sandstone Singers

posted Jan 31, 2016, 11:00 AM by KJFP Radio
Our Community spotlight this week is Sandstone Singers; a local all-female choir.  The group is made up of volunteers who love singing together.  They have two concert series each year; one summer and one Christmas.  This year's summer theme is "Be Happy".  The Sandstone Singers describe themselves as more of a show choir; they use motions and costumes in their concerts.  The group is an audition group but their director says it not something that people should worry too much about, "It's about making sure a person can read music and has the ability to sing with others."  People who are interested in joining can check them out on facebook or call their director, Carol Foster, at 605-440-0427  (foster@gwtc.net).  Carol encourages those who are interested in joining to come to a rehearsal and see if the group is right for them.   They will begin preparing for their summer season soon so contact them in the next couple weeks if you want to join.