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David Crowder

posted Apr 4, 2016, 12:55 AM by KJFP Radio
Our Featured Artist of the week is David Crowder. Crowder says he was born half Baptist and half Pentecostal and the later he was born again.  The son of an insurance salesman and a social  worker Crowder grew up in Texarkana listening to Elvis, Willie Nelson and the Gaithers. Crowder fully expected to return from college and settle down in his father's insurance company.

Then a late night discussion with a pastor friend changed the course of his life. Crowder says, "I had left the church  and this was the beginning of my way back.  As it goes with hypocrisy, judgement,  dogmatism, and all the rest of it that  Jesus put to death, it's hard to see in yourself what you readily see in others."

Crowder's music is a collection of music that combines old and new; sometimes referred to as Folktronica.  Crowder says the music is "not about making bad people good, it is about making dead people alive."

For more information view Crowder's website at: http://crowdermusic.com/index.php