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Sponsor Information

KJFP is a non-commercial radio station.  As such we are not allowed to advertise. Our funding comes entirely from sponsorships and charitable giving. To understand the difference between sponsorships and advertising for businesses please see the example section below.

Sponsorship Levels

Currently Sponsorships run at three times a day (Morning, Noon, After Work). Sponsorships are played 2-3 times during each of those time periods.  All donations over $10 are eligible for an on-air sponsorship.  The larger the donation the more days the sponsorship will remain on the air.  (The sponsorship for a gift of $35 or more will remain on the air at least a week. The sponsorship for a gift of $100 or more will remain on the air at least a month.)

Sponsorships can be made 'in honor' or 'in memory' of someone and can also be anonymous.

If you have an idea for other sponsorship options please contact the station manager for approval.  

Please make all checks payable to :  Joy Community Fellowship/KJFP  or  JCF/KJFP

Examples of what business sponsorships can and cannot say:

Sponsored by Jo's Sushi House located at 371 Fish St    
Sponsored by Jo's Sushi House, come visit us at 271 Fish St
Sponsored by Hardware Harold your local handyman        
Sponsored by Hardware Harold the best handyman in Hot Springs
  Sponsored by The Fresh Fishhouse, home of the $5 catfish basket

Sponsorships can contain: business name, contact information and factual (neutral) information.
Sponsorships cannot contain:
  1. Comparative or qualitative statements (ex. the 'best' sandwiches in town)
  2. Price information
  3. Call to action, this is any kind of suggestion ("come on down", "call us")
  4. Slogans which are comparative or cannot be proven
  5. Jingles
  6. Repetitive statements (such as a phone number said several times)
  7. Endorsement from the station

Anything aired by KJFP must be in agreement with the Biblical Foundations of this station and its supporting church, Joy Community Fellowship.  The general manager, Pastor Bill Martin, has authority to determine the suitability of any song, program, interview, event, or announcement aired by this station.